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At the Tin Can Collective, we recognise the institutional racism and the disablism that exists both within the creative industry and the charity sector, and we affirm our commitment to tackling these issues in our organisation, through the creative content we produce, and through the relationship with our clients. We also acknowledge the historic discrimination against LGBT+ people and women in general, and aim to tackle these issues every step of the way.

We commit to:

  1. Attempt to recruit freelancers first and foremost by sharing new job opportunities among creative networks managed by and for minority groups.

  2. Make sure our small team is as diverse as possible, with a high representation of women and people from minority groups.  

  3. Ensure that the content we create is an accurate reflection of society and the world, calling out our clients when they are displaying racist, patronising or discriminatory views.

  4. Continue listening to and learning from the lived experience of people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled people, women, and those who identify as LGBT+. 


Racism, disablism and inequality are endemic in our society. As an operator in the creative industry, the Tin Can Collective has the responsibility to recognise the role played by corporate communications, marketing and advertisement in perpetuating an able-bodied, white-privileged, male-centric society, and embrace the power we have to change that. ​


At the Tin Can Collective, we have a unique and ambitious goal: to strive for zero impact on the world. Our unique model is designed for us humans to leave as minimal a footprint as possible. Here's how we work towards achieving this vision:

  1. Remote work: Our remote work model eliminates the need for physical office spaces and daily commuting, significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.  

  2. Paperless operations: We prioritize digital communication, document sharing, and cloud-based collaboration, minimising paper use. 

  3. Sustainable partnerships: We actively seek partnerships with suppliers and vendors who share our commitment to sustainability, and recruit freelancers who share our goal. 

  4. Sustainable design: We advise our clients on how to make their print and paper communications more sustainable and create designs that aim for less plastic and ink consumption whenever possible. 

By striving for zero impact, we aim to leave this world as if we were never there, minimizing our ecological footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future. 


The Tin Can Collective are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we might process, and to providing a compliant and consistent approach to data protection.

We have always complied with existing laws and abided by the data protection principles. We are dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under our remit and in developing a data protection regime that is effective, fit for purpose and demonstrates an understanding of, and appreciation for the new Regulation. We are committed to developing and implementing new data protection roles, policies, procedures, controls and measures to ensure maximum and ongoing compliance. 


Our Website uses "Cookies" to identify the areas of our Website that you have visited. A Cookie is a small piece of data stored on your computer or mobile device by your web browser. We never place Personally Identifiable Information in Cookies, but we use them to analyse user behaviour, and we might use them to personalize the Content that you see on our Website and other websites. 


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